87% of participating practices are experiencing
higher average ticket prices* on our program.


SOLUTION: The store-in-store KODAK Lens Corner

For years, frames have been the only things that have excited patients. Sure, we do our best to dispense the highest quality lenses so our patients have better experiences with their eyesight. But it’s always been a struggle.


Until now.


Introducing the KODAK Lens Corner–a revolutionary retail solution that elevates the importance of lenses in your practice. Never before has it been so easy to convey the impact that professional lenses can have on your patients. KODAK Lens has developed tools that make dispensing more powerful and clear than every seen before.

What’s included in the Kodak Lens Corner solution?

Our Educational Center makes a huge impact in a very small footprint. Featuring demo lenses that compare vision with and without a solution in the same frame, it’s a hit with doctors and dispensors alike.

We’ll come out, measure your windows and develop a custom window cling made to your specs. It’s the perfect way to get patients excited about lenses before they even enter your front door.

Complete the transformation of your practice and soldify the importance of quality lenses with our Merchandising Kit. Think of it as the silent salesman for your retail area and put it to work for you.

How do I get started?

It’s easy. Email us or call (800) 759-4630 for more information