Blue Light Filter

KODAK Total Blue® Lens protects eyes at work, school, and play


KODAK Total Blue Lens

KODAK Total Blue Lens is a hybrid of lens material and AR lens coating that provides 100% direct UV protection and up to 80% filtering of High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light while maintaining color vision.

The exposure to potentially Harmful Blue Light is increasing every day in every age group. With the addition of finished single vision lenses, KODAK Total Blue Lens offers HEV Blue Light filtration for every patient, at every age.

  • Provides exceptional color vision
  • Progressive, digital single vision and computer lens designs to accommodate a majority of patients
  • Available in progressive, computer and single vision lens designs
  • Clear and polarized options are available to accommodate a wide variety of visual needs in all environments.

KODAK Total Blue Lenses available in Poly for younger patients too!


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