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Your patients have different lifestyle needs.

The KODAK Lens Professional Series offers a variety of materials to suit any lifestyle or vision correction need:

Clear Plastic and Mid-Index

Clear Plastic and Mid-Index

  • Standard Plastic – lighter than glass with the best optics in plastic options (abbe value 58) and uniform tinting. Recommend scratch resistant and UV coating add-ons.
  • Polycarbonate – impact resistant, includes UV protection, thin/light lens and drill-mount friendly (abbe value 29-30). Compromise on optics but good option for sports & active lifestyles. Recommend scratch resistant coating.
  • Trivex – impact resistant, includes UV protection, thin lens, drill-mount friendly, lightest weight and good optics (abbe value 43-44). Premium material, always recommend with AR.
  • 56 Mid-Index – thin/light lens, includes UV protection and some are drill-mount friendly (abbe value 36). Recommend with scratch resistant coating.
High Index (1.60 and higher)

High Index (1.60 and higher)

  • 60 High Index – thin/light lens, includes UV protection, some are drill-mount friendly (abbe value 36-38). Recommend for high prescriptions with AR.
  • 67 High Index – thin lens, includes UV protection, usually drill-mount friendly (abbe value 31-32). Recommend for high prescriptions with AR.
  • 74 High Index – thinnest lens, includes UV protection, some are drill-mount friendly (abbe value 33). Premium material in premium designs. Always recommend with AR.


  • Available in indexes from plastic 1.50 to 1.74 high index for any outdoor activity.
  • Gray, brown in most materials with additional green in 1.67/1.74
  • Most materials include UV protection
  • For the highest glare reduction especially in snow or water activities, add KODAK Total Blue AR or a Sun Mirror.
  • New Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized lens includes dynamic photochromic technology allowing visibility indoors when tint lightens.
  • While polarized lenses are not usually AR coated, we recommend adding KODAK Clean&CleAR with Silk to make your sun lenses easy to keep clean.
Blue Light

Blue Light

  • Premium Option– KODAK Total Blue Lenses are a hybrid of special lens material and 14-layer AR coating that targets the 380-440nm light wavelengths. They block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB. This hybrid technology allows up to 80% filtration of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light indoors and outdoors for comfortable all-day vision. Available in single vision, anti-fatigue, computer, and progressive KODAK Lens designs. Polarized options in single vision and progressive.
  • Coming Soon– KODAK UVBlue Lenses include a clear lens material that offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB as well as up to 20% HEV filtration in the 415-455nm range. They do not include an AR allowing the addition of any AR brand. Will be available in single vision, anti-fatigue, computer, and progressive KODAK Lens designs.


  • Function and fashion with solid mirrors on a gray polarized lens
  • Available in: Silvery Black, Blue, Green, Red/Orange
  • A must for highly light-sensitive individuals that spend time outdoors or in snow/water activities.
Transitions® Photochromic

Transitions® Photochromic

    • Transitions Signature® Gen8 offer improved performance at high/low temperatures and faster fade back than previous generations
    • Available in iconic Gray and Brown in most designs.
    • KODAK Digital Single Vision and the KODAK Unique family include Graphite Green and Style Colors: Amber, Emerald, Sapphire, and Amethyst
    • Transitions XTRActive® New Generation reaches a darker level of tint and faster initial fade back than previous. Great option for light-sensitive individuals that need automatic tint-adjusting lenses.
    • All options are ideal for occupations and lifestyles that are constantly shifting from indoors to outdoors with the added benefit of UV protection.

UV Protection and HEV Blue Light Filtering

Advanced Protection for Digital Lifestyles

Kodak Total Blue® Lens
Kodak Total Blue® Lens

KODAK Total Blue® Lens

KODAK Total Blue Lens is a hybrid of lens material and AR lens coating that provides 100% direct UV protection and up to 80% filtering of HEV Blue Light* while maintaining color vision.

The exposure to potentially Harmful Blue Light is increasing every day in every age group. With the addition of finished single vision lenses, KODAK Total Blue Lens offers HEV Blue Light filtration for every patient, at every age.

  • Eases eyestrain and eye fatigue linked to prolonged digital device usage
  • Provides exceptional color vision
  • Progressive, digital single vision and computer lens designs to accommodate a majority of patients

Available in the following lens designs:

  • KODAK Unique™ HD Progressive Lens
  • KODAK Unique Progressive Lens
  • KODAK Precise® PB Progressive Lens
  • KODAK Precise Short PB Progressive Lens
  • KODAK Digital Single Vision Lens
  • KODAK SoftWear® Lens

Clear and polarized options are available to accommodate a wide variety of visual needs in all environments.

Also available in stock lenses:

  • KODAK Total Blue Finished Single Vision Lenses

*Measured at 380-440nm

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Blue Light Filter

KODAK Total Blue® Lens is a hybrid of lens materials that provides up to 80% filtering of HEV Blue Light while maintaining color vision.

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