Blue Light

Why Blue Light Filtering Lenses?

Most likely, you are one of the millions of people who spend a large portion of your day viewing one or more digital devices; smartphone, tablet or computer monitor. Along with the greater access to information, has come a greater exposure to potentially harmful blue light. Previously, we were mainly exposed to High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light through the sun. Now we are exposed to even more HEV Blue Light with various digital devices, LED lights, including headlights, as well as energy-efficient light bulbs. This increase in HEV Blue Light could potentially impact our long-term vision and disrupt our normal sleeping patterns. For these reasons, our eyes need more protection than ever before.

What is HEV Blue Light?

Light is energy1 and each color of the spectrum is created by different energy wavelengths measured in nanometers. In the color spectrum below, HEV Blue Light wavelengths represent the violet and blue colors visible to the human eye.
Blue Light Spectrum

What are the effects of Blue Light?

The increase of HEV Blue Light exposure could contribute to long-term damage to our eyes, effect our mood, and disrupt our sleep. In fact, sleep study centers have discovered a correlation between HEV Blue Light exposure and sleeping disorders, and several articles have been published about the effects of blue light on our natural sleep cycle3. It is recommended that whenever possible, the exposure to HEV Blue Light emitting devices be reduced or eliminated, especially before bedtime.

Not all blue light is harmful. Only the HEV Blue Light wavelengths on the high-frequency end of the spectrum have been noted to have potentially damaging effects. Low Energy Blue Light is essential for full color perception and helps regulate the sleep cycle. Blue light, in general, promotes alertness which is beneficial during the day but disturbs necessary rest at nighttime4.

How can you reduce your exposure to HEV Blue Light?

Blue Light Filtering Lenses for Digital Devices
Optical and electronic companies have created lenses, coatings, screen covers and software that reduce blue light emissions. Eyeglass lenses are also available with blue light-filtering technology to reduce your exposure to HEV Blue Light.

The KODAK Lens solution for blue light-filtering lenses is KODAK Total Blue® Lens, which offers your eyes 100% protection from direct UV rays and filters HEV Blue Light, decreasing the risk associated with long-term exposure to UV and HEV rays. While filtering out Harmful Blue Light, KODAK Total Blue Lens also allows low energy blue light, which is essential for true color perception and essential sleep cycle rhythms, to pass through to the eye.