What are No-Line Progressive Lenses?

If you’re over 40, you probably need glasses for reading. If not, chances are you will before long. The culprit is Presbyopia, a gradual, natural condition within the eye that reduces its ability to focus on near objects.

There are various eyewear options for correcting presbyopia. The older standard options are bifocals, trifocals and readers – each has advantages but many disadvantages. The newer, preferred eyewear to correct presbyopia is No-Line Progressive Lenses.

The goal in progressive lens design is to provide sharp, clear vision for all distances. No-Line Progressive Lenses provide a seamless progression between distance, intermediate and near vision for more natural viewing experience without the distracting, unattractive lines that can be found in bifocals and trifocals. Progressive Lenses have rapidly become the most popular choice for people who need reading correction but don’t want the drawbacks of the other, older eyewear options. KODAK Digital Progressive Lenses utilize advanced proprietary technologies to offer you the best vision possible and are available with options for virtually any lifestyle.

How do No-Line Progressive Lenses work?

No-Line Progressive lenses are designed based on your natural eye movement so that each viewing zone is located where you need it most. The diagram below shows a progressive lens design – notice the three visual areas and where they are located: the lower portion of the lens is for up-close viewing, the middle is for intermediate vision and the upper portion is for distance vision.

Progressive Diagram

Choosing Progressive Lenses for Your Needs

KODAK Lenses offer a full array of lens materials and options so that you can customize your lens to perfectly match your personal style and your everyday needs. Choose from a variety of lenses to fit your lifestyle: