Sun Lenses

Best protection for your eyes outdoors

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KODAK Sun Lenses help prevent sun exposure around the eyes

Research shows that long-term, unprotected exposure to UVA and UVB rays may contribute to the development of serious eye conditions such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

KODAK Lenses have a sunwear solution for every outdoor activity.

All KODAK Sun Lenses provide UV and glare protection everywhere, year-round because they are always tinted. Additionally, you can wear polarized lenses in a wide selection of frames.

Polarized lenses provide glare protection for outdoor activities

Polarization reduces the glare bouncing off water, sidewalks and roadways – helping those with light-sensitive eyes and active outdoor lifestyles.

Polarized lenses are well-suited for water sports such as fishing, sailing or even reading by the pool.

KODAK Sun Lenses are also great for drivers, as well as cyclists and other sports enthusiasts who have to deal with outdoor light conditions.


Proven safest visual protection for driving
Provides the best overall wellness and UV protection for your eyes outdoors

Glare Reduction

UV Protection

Impact resistant for sports and overall durability