Gift of Vision

Eyeglass Donation Month December 1 - 31, 2021

Give a Pair When You Redeem a Pair

This December, when your practice redeems a pair of KODAK Progressive Lenses through PracticePlus®, Signet Armorlite will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need through the Vision for Life™program. It’s a simple way you can help anyone See the Colors of Life®.

Program Details

What Lenses Qualify? Any KODAK Progressive Lens that qualifies for a PracticePlus Rebate. That includes the KODAK Unique DRO® and DRO HD, KODAK Unique™ and Unique HD, KODAK Precise® Plus and Precise Short Plus, KODAK Precise and Precise Short, KODAK Precise PB and Short PB, KODAK Precise and Precise Short, KODAK Concise®, and KODAK Easy.  Talk to you KODAK Lens Brand Consultant for more information.

What Lenses Are Donated? Signet Armorlite will donate one single vision pair for every qualifying progressive pair redeemed. The donation will benefit someone in one of the Vision for Life projects.

What is Vision for Life? This is a social impact fund that supports sustainable vision care infrastructure and programs by financing projects that improve eye care for people in need of vision correction.

How Do I Participate? First, you must be a PracticePlus member to participate. Not a member? Click here to join.

Then, download the Gift of Great Vision Sign Up Form. Fill it out, select up to three tent cards to promote your participation, and email to

Then during the month of December:

  • Your practice will need to display the tent cards provided by Signet Armorlite
  • Have your patients purchase KODAK Progressive Lenses
  • Your practice must redeem pairs through PracticePlus

Questions? Contact your KODAK Lens Brand Consultant, call the KODAK Lens Hotline at (800) 830-3995, or email

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Vision for Life.